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Every child loves LEGO toys, and every adult remembers playing with them when young. What is the fascination with LEGO that has held our imagination for so many decades? The sets have gotten more sophisticated, but the overall idea of putting bricks together has not changed. Nor has the design. It is refreshing to see a toy that remains true to it's original intent, while expanding to meet the needs of children and adults that are growing more sophisticated every day.

The LEGO Star Wars theme including The Clone Wars and some Expanded Universe material.
LEGO Star Wars
The Star Wars theme was first introduced in 1999, and is one of the most popular LEGO themes ever. Both the Star Wars Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogies are represented, as well as The Clone Wars and some Expanded Universe material..
LEGO Harry Potter Theme Has All of the Magic and Charm of the Books and Movies
LEGO Harry Potter
Who doesn't love Harry Potter LEGO sets? They have all of the magic and charm of the books and movies. Relive Harry Potter's adventures at Hogwarts, with his friends Hermione, Ron and even Hagrid, all lovingly recreated as only LEGO could do.
LEGO Batman Theme Based on the Comic Book Series and Movies
LEGO Batman
The LEGO Batman theme is based mainly on the movies, although the comic books have been around for decades. Many well-known characters were produced such as Catwoman, Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Alfred and more. High-tech gadgetry sometimes steals the show, such as the Batmobile, Batboat, Batwing and the Penguin Helicopter.
Indiana Jones LEGO Theme Offers the Thrill and Excitement of the Movies.
Indiana Jones LEGO
All of the Indiana Jones LEGO sets offer the thrill and excitement of the movies. They truly are exceptional in their workmanship and design. All four movies are represented, with most sets coming from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Indy minifigure is one of the most recognizable, and appears in at least two video games.
LEGO City Theme is One of the Largest and Most Creative of All Themes.
The LEGO City theme has undergone numerous changes over the years, from being limited to only rescue services to now encompassing all aspects of a town including Police, Fire, Cargo, Construction, Airport, Farm and even Space. The City theme is one of the most versatile in the LEGO lineup.
LEGO Technic Theme Offers Advanced Techniques for Advanced Builders.
LEGO Technic
In an effort to attract older children and adults alike, LEGO developed the LEGO Technic line. It features specific parts such as gears, axles, beams and pins that are not found in other sets, with the exception of the Mindstorms series. Bionicle, Hero Factory, Racers and Ben 10 are all subthemes of Technic.
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