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Who Are We ?

Writing about LEGO products seems only natural for my family and I. When I was young, it was the toy I played with the most by a wide margin. It's hard to imagine the countless hours I spent imagining far away lands and armies, the fastest spaceships, coolest cars, or structures almost as tall as I could stand. I stopped playing with LEGO bricks somewhere around the age of 13, but they still held a special place in my heart.

When my son was born, I immediately knew what he would get the most of, mainly so I could play with them also. My son and I rarely built the models from the instructions. That was something my wife liked to do with our son. No, my son and I would dump the pieces of the newly purchased LEGO set on the floor and just start building anything that came to mind. Playing with LEGO bricks was one way that we bonded.

When I was looking for a new business years ago, something exciting and fun, I started a company that build sculptures and portraits using LEGO blocks. The LEGO purchases quickly added up, and soon I had almost 700,000 LEGO bricks in my basement office. I would build mainly mosaic portraits and nameplates, because that is what most people wanted.

So it is only fitting that this site be about LEGO bricks, themes, sets, minifigures, mindstorm and almost anything that comes from the LEGO Group. As time progresses, we will add a complete list of themes and sets that have been introduced since the first LEGO brick was designed. We will highlight some of our favorite sets and individual pieces, as well as various rankings for themes, sets, individual pieces and even minifigures.

One of our major goals is to enlighten others on how to buy LEGO sets and pieces at the best prices and savings. Anything from on-going sales to websites that sell at the lowest prices. And finally, a site such as this would not be complete without a history of the LEGO Group and its highlights

So stay tuned as add more and more to the site over the coming years.
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